About us

About us

Are you looking for a new PC for your workstation, or do you want to embellish your living room with a brand new TV? Are you confused between different companies? Is your partner in doubt about whether the right size of TV will fit well in the lounge? Or are you finding it difficult to find a decent monitor within your price range? DisplayBenchmark is definitely the right choice for you if you are looking for answers like these.

We are a team providing reviews and knowledge-based guidance about displays, mostly monitors and televisions. With the rapid advancements in the field of technology during recent years, every company, from Acer to Lenovo and Dell, is launching newer displays every year. The market competition is rising, and every brand is trying to prove to the public that it’s better than the other. But does the public know exactly what it wants? We have happily undertaken this responsibility of educating the masses about various monitors, PCs, TVs, and other sorts of displays. 

Our Review Process

We recommend displays based on the in-depth analysis and review by our experienced members. Our priority is the newly launched displays because the public normally has less information about them. Still, equal importance is given to those monitors and TVs that are of exceptional quality and come within a normal man’s financial range but are not very well-known to the public. 

Information about their brand, model, screen size, response time, LED or LCD, power consumption, cost, and warranty is gathered. This info is then well-put in articles that are then published on our website. 

The website is further categorized into different domains; a guide for buying displays, a TV list, a Monitor list, and so forth. These listed domains help you find the relevant topic in no time. Our articles are normally kept short and to the point. If enough info about a certain monitor or brand is not fully explained, we provide the links where you can go and find the relatable content you are looking for. 

We rate and review different products depending on:

  • Display
  • Performance
  • Cost
  • Response Time
  • Screen Size
  • Warranty

Our Goal

Helping people make decisions about their purchases and making sure a good display, be it a TV or a monitor, gets enough recognition in the market are our main goals. For this purpose, our highly trained and experienced team is working relentlessly to bring you the highly updated versions of our articles that have sufficient info about various display companies. 

Our goals as the members of this prestigious website are a reflection of what we see as a future of technology worldwide:

  • To be able to explain to the masses in very simplified form on what monitors to buy for their offices and what TV displays would fall within their financial range. 
  • To review products unbiasedly whether the product is launched by a popular company or an underrated, newly developed company. 
  • To provide complete info, covering all aspects of a display including its color grading, response time, features, on-screen display e.t.c.
  • To publish articles on how various features of a display affect its working and what are best available options.
  • Helping people find the best monitors and televisions that fall within their financial range. 
  • Explaining various settings on displays that the people might be confused about.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about the tech industry and making decisions about displays is getting annoying for you, there’s nothing in it to be embarrassed about. Our website, with its quality domains, is here for your help. We are just one click away!

In order for us to review a specific product that you can’t seem to find on our page, you can connect with us through customer feedback service or the Contact Us link provided on our main page. 

Meet Our Team

Harry Ford: Chief Editor


Harry Ford, our remarkable Chief editor is a graduate of Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has extensive experience in the tech industry before he took on the responsibility of DisplayBenchmark. He is very passionate about introducing new research methods to help efficient subjective and objective testing of various displays. He aims for making DisplayBenchmark the top website of display reviews and is working tirelessly towards it. 

Paul T. Clark: Content Manager 

Paul T. Clark

Paul is a tech journalist with a decade of experience in this field. He has worked for esteemed websites including Team Viewer, SpectraDisplays and Instore Design Display before. His vast experience in this field makes him one of the finest members of our website currently has at the moment. His research and journalism skills, when combined, provide the website with the most extraordinary content. His energetic presence is what the Displaybenchmark looks forward to for motivation every single day.