AOC 24B2XH Review: Cheap IPS Monitor For Everyday Use

The AOC 24B2XH is a unique budget monitor for home and office use. The AOC 24B2XH is a fantastic monitor made for people who require an explicit monitor for daily usage.

Considering how inexpensive this display is, it provides good image quality that is more than acceptable. Let’s find out what it has and what it lacks, and how it compares to other budget monitors.

AOC 24B2XH Detailed Review

AOC 24B2XH Monitor Review
  • It has stellar image quality
  • Affordable cost
  • Looks stylish
  • Excellent Factory Calibration
  • VESA Mountable
  • Insufficient connectivity options
  • Lacks height adjustment options

AOC 24B2XH For Everyday Tasks

The AOC 24B2XH is an excellent value monitor that we strongly recommend to anyone who values image performance above all else. The AOC 24BXH2 display stands as an elegant monitor, yet it does an excellent job of covering the essentials.

It has a high-quality panel that generates impressive quality images. So, that is more than acceptable for the modest cost of the product. 

The AOC 24B2XH is one of the most affordable IPS monitors available, and it can be used for various tasks, including office work, media consumption, and even light gaming. At this budget, you can’t anticipate a lot of extra features, but it does have a few traits that set it apart from the competition.

If you want or need a larger screen, then you will unavoidably have to pay more money for it, but for the price, I have not found much that is significantly better.

To put it another way, this is an outstanding budget monitor. That’s why it’s an excellent choice for our small everyday tasks.

AOC 24B2XH For Gaming

When gaming, high-quality graphics are critical, yet the gaming monitors occasionally sold with PCs are insufficient. You might also wish to use a monitor in addition to a gaming laptop.

The display size, also known as the visible image size (VIS), is the physical size of the area on which films are displayed rather than the monitor case itself. 

The length of a screen’s diagonal, the distance between opposite corners, is measured in inches. This above-average monitor has a 24-inch display. Regarding crucial specifications, the maximum screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixels. This gaming monitor weighs 8.98 lbs, which is vital to know if you intend to transport it to live events or college. 

We add the scores together to get a percentage rating. This monitor received 4.7/5 for lightweight, 4.5/5 for screen quality, 4.5/5 for brightness, 4.4/5 for value for money, 4.3/5 for picture quality, and 4.0/5 for gaming. All these analysis results in an overall score of 88%.

AOC 24B2XH: Notable Features

The AOC 24B2XH has:

  • Full HD 1920×1080 LED-lit monitor
  • Streamlined design: a three-sided frameless design with a minimal profile for a clean and streamlined look and feel
  • Rich images: It has an IPS panel with wide viewing angles and vivid colors, covering more than flexible mounting choices.
  • Compatible with the vast majority of outputs: Both HDMI x1 (HDMI cable included) and VGA x1 inputs make it simple to connect virtually any computer. 
  • The Integrated 3.5mm audio-out port provides a quick and straightforward connection to your speakers or headphones.
  • For your wellbeing: Low Blue Mode and Flicker-Free Technology from AOC are Designed to Eliminate Flicker and Reduce Harmful Blue Light Spectrum for Improved Comfort During Extended Computer Use.
  • Flexible mounting choices, including points that are compatible with VESA (100x100mm)

Picture Quality Comparison

AOC 24B2XH Review

This monitor’s IPS display boosts visual quality. Unlike TN panels, you can watch the screen from any angle without color shifting or dimming. The monitor passed all our tests. Peak brightness is 272cd/m2, which is bright enough for most offices or studies.

At 1,122:1, the contrast ratio is outstanding, offering powerful, colorful pictures, but the sRGB mode’s color integrity stands out. 

It’s fantastic, with an average delta E of 1.26, significantly better than we’re used to seeing from a low-cost monitor.

Combine it with a 75Hz refresh rate for smoother gaming and a blue light setting to alleviate eye strain for late-night workers, and you have a great all-around package. It’s a better deal than the Acer ET241Y I previously evaluated. 

Design & Features Analysis 


The AOC 24B2XH looks like a regular office monitor, but it’s sleeker and cleaner. The device’s matte black finish makes it scratch- and smudge-resistant and long-lasting. Thin bezels make the display appear larger than it is.

It’s one of the smallest in its category, so it takes up little desk space. The tiny chassis allows flush attachment without protrusion. The lightweight AOC 24B2XH eliminates the requirement for a reinforced workstation.

Thin plastics make the AOC 24B2XH’s build quality subpar. Extra care is needed for the monitor’s lifetime because the surfaces shatter easily. You may see wobbling if you type quickly or touch the monitor. However, a different mount fixes this.

At this price, it’s hard to complain about AOC 24B2XH’s OSD buttons. Each key is identified with pressed markings on the front; however, they are blacked out. The consumer will get acclimated to this monitor but rarely change it.

The AOC 24B2XH’s stand tilts and wobbles because of its low center of gravity. You can replace it with a VESA mount, reducing the display’s affordability.

We’ve seen tiny screens without bolt holes, like the AOC 24B2XH, because the chassis can’t handle the weight and stress. It’s terrific for multi-display setups that you can use aftermarket arms with this device. 

Only invest extra if you plan to or if the wobble concerns you. The AOC 24B2XH has just HDMI 1.4 and VGA inputs. A 3.5mm speaker jack helps with wire management. Because HDMI and VGA are all needed to function, most cheap monitors are made this way to cut costs. 

Display Performance Analysis

The AOC 24B2XH’s 23.8-inch IPS panel has a 75Hz refresh rate and 8ms response time. The screen is 1920 by 1080. The brightness is 250 cd/m2, and the contrast is 1000:1. This device has outstanding color reproduction but no HDR or gaming features.

This size 1920 x 1080 display is perfect for work. Thanks to the pixel density, you won’t have to zoom in to read tiny writing. Multiple programs open at once might make media such as movies and games feel cramped.

The AOC 24B2XH’s 100% sRGB coverage stands out among monitors in its price range. Colors are realistic and vivid with a default accuracy of deltaE 1.28. The display deviates a little from 6500K, but it’s acceptable.

After calibration, the AOC 24B2XH’s deltaE was 1.05, which is better but still unneeded. Unless you edit and grade, you won’t notice the changes. Since this model is already good, buying the gadget would be too expensive.

The AOC 24B2XH provides good grayscale performance, color saturation, and contrast at 50-60% brightness. It’s not as bright as VA panels, but it’s excellent for an IPS screen. Even with the brightness adjusted, the screen may appear washed out in the dark.

The AOC 24B2XH has no issues with backlight leaking or clouding. However, its spread varied. You won’t be able to tell the difference without a colorimeter. This feature may not look the same on every unit owing to production tolerances and IPS screens.

The AOC 24B2XH’s 8ms reaction time is slow compared to gaming monitors. Trailing and ghosting are noticeable in swift transitions, especially in contrasting circumstances.

Casual gamers can use the AOC 24G2 for Warzone. Lacking FreeSync, the AOC 24B2XH cannot support G-Sync Compatible mode

Price and Alternative Choices

AOC 24B2XH alternatives

The AOC 24B2XH comes at the price of $112.98. If you require a larger display, there is a 27-inch version of the same monitor, the AOC 27B2H, which is similarly priced to rival monitors.

As usual, you wouldn’t expect a lot of extras at this price point, but the 24B2XH performs admirably and even boasts Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) resolution and IPS panel technology. These features are typically found in monitors that cost a little more.

The other budget monitors we’ve examined that strike the ideal combination between price and functionality are:

  • HP V223ve
  • Sceptre E248W-19203R

Why Should I Buy The AOC 24B2XH Monitor?

The AOC 24B2XH is a great low-cost monitor that, while lacking some conveniences, more than makes up for it in terms of picture quality. The IPS panel’s high contrast and vivid colors provide a pleasant viewing experience.

In addition, it comes pre-caliber to provide excellent accuracy straight out of the box, meaning most customers won’t have to mess with the settings.

The monitor’s build quality could be better, and it could use a few extra functions, but given the price, we don’t reasonably expect much more. If you care most about imaging performance, the AOC 24B2XH is an excellent display at a reasonable price.

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