BenQ Zowie XL2411K Review: Budget TN Gaming Monitor

The BenQ XL2411K is a redesigned version of the XL2411, a monitor that saw a lot of success in the ESports community in earlier years. BenQ improved it with features including DyAc technology, and it is also tuned for 120Hz operation with the Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles.

However, the BenQ XL2411K is more expensive than other IPS monitors. Let’s review the BenQ XL2411K monitor and share some insight to bring you up to speed.

BenQ Zowie XL2411K Review: E-Sports Gaming Monitor

Best Budget Gaming Monitor
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Size: 24-Inch
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Panel Type: TN
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • Response Time: 1ms

What Recent Buyers Report:
This monitor gives me a boost in the performance catagory. I got 38 kills in one game with this thing and the kill limit was 50. Picture quality is decent and colors are good. I’m coming from a 55 inch tv previous and this is a game changer. Freesync works fine with any hdmi. I would recommend this monitor to anyone who wants to increase their gameplay performance. Only bad thing is there is no hdr and g sync only works over display port.

BenQ’s Zowie Esports Gaming Model introduces a revamped iteration of their renowned XL2411P esports dedicated display. The 24-inch TN panel offers a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, a refresh rate of 144Hz, and a response time of 1ms and DyAc technology. It is the most economical model in ZOWIE’s XL-K series. 

It’s designed specifically for e-Sports, and features an improved design, user experience, and stability. The TN panel on the XL2411K is infamous for its low viewing angles and color accuracy. In exchange, TN panels often have the fastest response times, the least input latency, and the highest refresh rates. To compensate for the limited viewing angles, the XL2411K has full height, swivel, and tilt capability.


  • Functional designation
  • Amazing Color Accuracy.
  • Quick and receptive to gaming
  • Excellent Blur Reduction Solutions (DyAc+AMA)
  • Compatible with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One in Series X 120Hz Mode


  • No HDR
  • No Adaptive-Sync 

Should I Purchase BenQ XL2411K Monitor for Competitive ESports?

BenQ XL2411K
Source: Amazon

The BenQ XL2411K is a quick and responsive display ideal for competitive gaming on PC and next-generation consoles. It doesn’t have the best image qualities, but it has excellent motion handling and clarity. The batch also includes a slew of handy features, although the S-Switch remote is available separately.

The most difficult task for the BenQ XL2411K is competing with fast-IPS monitors with equally effective motion handling. Most other monitors have excellent color performance and cost nearly as much as this. This issue makes the XL2411K a difficult sell in the market, but it is still an excellent alternative for individuals who must avoid blurring and ghosting at all costs.

Factual Analysis of Features


Everything you can expect from a top-tier company like BenQ and its premium products is built to last. With plenty of reinforcements and thick plastic panels, the BenQ XL2411K seems strong and well-built. The stand is not wobbly, and there are no evident manufacturing or decorative flaws on the device.

In addition to the basic button arrangement, the BenQ XL2411K now features an OSD joystick. It’s in the rear and out of sight, but it’s also easier and faster to use. Enthusiasts will appreciate the implementation because it allows you to spend less time playing with the monitor’s settings and more time focusing on the games at hand.

The stand that comes with the BenQ XL2411K allows you to adjust the tilt, swivel, pivot, and height to your liking. This is especially critical for TN monitors, which have extremely limited viewing angles. We don’t think anyone will feel the need to use VESA mounting because it’s an exceedingly well-designed stand with added functions.

Design Specifics

The BenQ XL2411design K’s has been updated, so it no longer resembles the XL2411, although they are the same monitor. The display retains the characteristic matte black chassis with subtle red accents found on XL-series gaming monitors. However, BenQ did not care to improve the monitor’s face because it has large bezels by today’s standards.

One of the benefits of the BenQ XL2411K’s is that it now has a smaller footprint. The device requires less than eight inches of depth to avoid crowding out your other peripherals. It’s heavy for a 24-inch model at 13 pounds, but it’s still portable enough to transport to contests and LAN parties.

Connectivity Options

BenQ XL2411K Connectivity Options
Source: Amazon

Another significant improvement on the BenQ XL2411K is its connectivity configuration, which now includes more video inputs. On the panel, there are DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 2.0 slots, as well as two HDMI 1.4 slots. In comparison, the original XL2411 only offered HDMI 1.4 and DVI-DL, with only the latter supporting 144Hz operation.

The BenQ XL2411K lacks speakers, which is understandable given that E-Sports scenarios normally necessitate a high-quality headset. Because the intended audience for this product will almost certainly leave built-ins unused, it would be a waste and an additional cost.

Image Quality

BenQ XL2411K Image Quality
Source: Amazon

With its 24-inch TN panel, 144Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time, the BenQ XL2411K offers impressive visuals. Most TN displays have a contrast ratio of 1000:1, and this one has a backlight of 320 cd/m2. TN gaming monitors are designed solely with speed, so don’t count on DCI-P3 coverage or HDR support.

A lot of players find that being able to ignore the less-than-ideal screen quality and size improves their ability to concentrate on the action on screen. Since even lower-tier GPUs can achieve high framerates, you won’t need to spend a fortune on a rig to enjoy this.

The BenQ XL2411K only provides 98% sRGB coverage, which is enough for its primary purpose of competitive gaming. However, its accuracy is excellent because the deltaE average is only 0.31, which is only seen on consumer displays. It appears balanced straight out of the box, so you only need to adjust a few settings like brightness before using it.

Calibrating the BenQ XL2411K isn’t essential because the screen is already excellent, which is unusual for an E-Sports monitor. Feel free to experiment with different parameters to see what works best for you. If you want additional colors from the screen, you may also activate the monitor’s FPS1 option, which will cause some hues to show up to boost visibility.

With a peak of 410 cd/m2 at 100% backlight, the BenQ XL2411K can be blindingly bright. It has a contrast ratio of 990:1 at 50% backlight, which is low by today’s standards. The screen won’t be able to create deep blacks, but that’s expected with most TN panels.

Performance Overview 

BenQ XL2411K Review

The panel uniformity of the BenQ XL2411K is good since there are no backlight leaks or variances in backlight distribution. There are some tiny differences in dark scenes, but they are difficult to see in normal use. Even though TN is less prone to panel faults than IPS or even VA technology, this will vary from unit to unit.

The pixel response time of the BenQ XL2411K is already great at 144Hz, so you won’t need to use its AMA or overdrive features. Because the latter introduces overshoot, your only option is to use its DyAc feature, which is its strobing backlight mode. For improved motion handling, combine DyAc with AMA, and for extreme situations, use DyAc Premium and AMA High.

It’s also worth noting that the BenQ XL2411K works wonderfully with the 120Hz modes on the Xbox Series X and PS5. To enable it, you must fine-tune a few options on your console, and we know that many owners are still unaware of this. BenQ has you covered, as they have already released instructions in this link.

Because the BenQ XL2411K lacks Adaptive Sync, FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility are out of the question. Although competitive players do not utilize it, it is useful for people who encounter ripping and stuttering. At 144Hz, input lag is only 4ms, so there is no need to be concerned about gaming delays.

Dynamic Accuracy (DyAc)

Dynamic Accuracy (DyAc) is a Zowie proprietary technology built specifically for eSports gamers to provide a smoother gaming experience. DyAc removes the fast-motion difficulties, allowing you to focus on the enemy while moving. With DyAc, your accuracy appears to improve, and the game plays considerably smoother because of its combination with a 144hz refresh rate. DyAc settings include Premium (most clear), High (medium), and DyAc OFF.

Black eQualizer

Another feature included on most BenQ Zowie gaming monitors are Black eQualizer, which aids in boosting visibility in darker regions of the game. This technology illuminates dark portions of the scene, allowing you to maintain focus and reduce eye strain.

Is BenQ XL2411K Monitor Worth its Price?

At a reasonable price of $169.95, the Zowie XL2411K is an outstanding Full HD 144Hz refresh rate monitor with a 1ms response time and competitive gaming features for a seamless experience.

The image produced by this monitor will not be the most attractive available, but that is not its aim. Though it may not be suitable for casual gamers, the XL2411K is worth considering if you want to improve your competitive gaming talents.

Alternative Choices to BenQ XL2411K Monitor

In short, the BenQ XL2411K is designed for one thing, and that is performance-driven esports gaming, which it achieves admirably. However, if color adherence is important, you can adjust the settings to find the best fit. 

The other choices are:

  • Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor 
  • BenQ ZOWIE XL2546K 24.5-inch 240Hz Gaming Monitor 
  • ASUS VG248QE 24″ Full HD 1920×1080 144Hz 1ms HDMI Gaming Monitor
  • BenQ MOBIUZ EX240N 24“ FHD 1080P VA Gaming Monitor

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