What Is IPS Glow – How Can I Reduce It? (2023 Guide)


The IPS glow embodies itself as a striking glowing around the edges of an IPS monitor.  The IPS glowing is more obvious in dark spaces than it is in brightly lit environments.

However, IPS technology has the issue of excess glow, but it is something that can be mitigated by increasing the amount of natural light in the room. You can decrease the amount of brightness on the monitor, and adjust the distance and angle at which you look at the screen.

Let’s figure out what exactly is IPS Glow and how to reduce/fix it.

What Is IPS Glow? Why Do IPS Panels Cause It?

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IPS Glow is a natural glow of some pixels around the edges of a computer monitor that is typical in IPS monitors. You can test the IPS Glow by placing the monitor in a dark room. The IPS glow will not be visible in the presence of light.

The way IPS panels are made, particularly during panel frame manufacturing, causes IPS to glow. When an image is projected on an IPS panel, it has two layers of liquid crystal molecules: one facing the backlight and one facing the viewer.

Normally, these two layers are positioned perpendicular to one another. When you apply pressure to the screen (for example, by pressing your finger against it), the two layers can become misaligned, resulting in a glowing effect around things on the screen.

IPS Glow vs. Backlight Bleed

You may be perplexed as to whether your display problem is IPS Glow or Backlight Bleed. This is sometimes misunderstood because IPS Glow and backlight bleed appear quite similar.

The glow around the corners of an IPS panel monitor is known as IPS glow. The extra light traveling through the panel causes IPS to glow, which is a common and expected downside of IPS panel monitors and TVs.

It is not to be confused with backlight bleeding. Because light seeping from an LCD’s corners or edges is known as backlight bleed. This is because of how these displays operate, which involves using a light behind the panel facing the display.

Backlight bleeding is merely a small amount of backlight that escapes. Although it can sometimes be diminished. 

7 Best Ways To Reduce IPS Glow

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IPS glowing bothers you in dark rooms and during gaming experiences. However, some fixes are helpful in this situation.

1. Adjust the Viewing Angle

You can tilt the monitor vertically to change the viewing angle. If you tilt the monitor, you will see that the glow produced by the IPS panel shifts. It will make the IPS glow less noticeable to your view so that you can concentrate on what you’re doing.

Additionally, try moving your seat back a little bit and rechecking the black screens in a completely dark environment. Now that you are satisfied with the Glow reduction, maintain the viewing angle adjusted for as long as necessary.

2. Enhance the Ambient lights of the Environment

The IPS Glow is most obvious in low-lighted or dimly lit environments, as it requires less light to be seen. The lower the amount of ambient light in the room, the greater the number of apparent IPS glows you will notice on the panel.

You can change the ambient light in your room by turning up the brightness to give adequate lighting. This would result in a decrease in the amount of IPS glow that was previously visible in your display.

3. Reset the Monitor Color & Resolution Settings 

This would bring back the factory settings for the monitor, including the color profile, resolution, and any other display settings that were previously saved.

Even the color profile of your display may be calibrated, allowing you to make the device seem it’s very best. Adjustments to the color, brightness, and contrast can frequently be of assistance in lowering the IPS Glow.

Calibration of your display can also be accomplished through the utilization of a hardware color calibrator.

4. Decrease Screen Brightness

The IPS Glow issue is more noticeable on brighter screens; to get rid of it and return to a normal appearance, you should lower the brightness of your screen using the brightness settings on your monitor or TV.

After making the necessary modifications to the monitor, you will begin to notice that the IPS glow issue has been significantly reduced and is no longer an annoyance.

5. Unfasten the Outer Panel frame 

If you have any doubts about opening the panel frame, it is best to seek the assistance of a TV repairman. Open and reassemble the outer frame with the inside panel frame.

Close the display properly and check to see if the IPS glow has subsided.

Always proceed with caution and avoid putting any pressure on the interior panel, since this can aggravate the problem.

6. Renovate the IPS Monitor/TV 

If you have a new IPS monitor or TV, there is a good probability that you can replace it in the future. Because IPS glow is so widespread in IPS monitors and TVs, you shouldn’t consider it a flaw in the product.

Once you notice that your IPS screen is glowing improperly, check to see if the glow is excessive and intolerable. If the screen requires repair or replacement, then you should only request a replacement or make a warranty claim.

In addition to this, check the four corners of the display to see if there are any signs of backlight bleed.

7. Reduce IPS Glow with Microfiber Cloth

The only sort of cloth that should be used for this issue is one made of microfiber. Since other types of cloth may contain the dust that could harm your display. You can clean the monitor’s corners by using your microfiber cloth and giving them light rubbing.

Please do not apply pressure while rubbing the display. In reality, the purpose of this step is to assist the liquid crystals in moving into action if they are lying dormant in some location, which will result in a glow.

Common FAQs:

Q.1 Does the Glow of IPS Get Brighter Over Time?

IPS Glow is not something that will develop over time and will typically remain on your monitor. It should not be surprising to see a light arising from an IPS-type panel. There is no cause for concern on your part if you are getting a new display.

Q.2 How Can IPS Glow Reduce?

IPS light is frequently more visible from certain angles. Twist or change the height of your monitor to make the lights less obvious from your vantage point. You could also sit further away from the monitor. Yet, you can increase the amount of ambient brightness in your room.

Q.3 Can IPS Glow be Acceptable to Some Extent?

The corner of the screen is causing you to become distracted. In a monitor of typical high quality, the IPS glow will typically be kept at a tolerable level.

Q.4 Should you have to put up with the IPS glow?

Ideally, no, especially if you end up purchasing a new display with a severe case of that problem. You should always inspect any new monitor for flaws and contact the manufacturer or seller as soon as possible, preferably while it is still returnable or under warranty.

However, if you do not experience any major issues in the first few weeks, you may have a model with no or almost no IPS glow.

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