Minecraft: How to Prepare to Slay the Ender Dragon

Find plenty of cheap Minecraft accounts at U7BUY. The Ender Dragon is an intimidating final boss that can be found in the End dimension of Minecraft. The End itself has hundreds of Endermen mobs defending the dragon, as well as the many pillars and crystals giving the dragon its health. Just what do you bring to beat such a foe?

The first major thing to remember to bring on your trek are Eyes of Ender. Without them, entering the End dimension isn’t possible to begin with. Eyes of Ender can be crafted using one Ender Pearl and Blaze Powder each. Ender Pearls can be found through slaying Endermen, while Blaze Powder from hunting Blazes. Make sure to craft many stacks of the Eyes of Ender, as you will need them to find the End portal, as well as to activate it.

The next to remember is to make sure you have the correct enchanted armor and weapons. Make sure that whether you are using an axe or sword, it is always wise to bring either a netherite or diamond quality one, as they can be incredibly powerful. It is also good to bring a shield, as it can help you block attacks and escape many potential sticky situations during the battle.

With armor, make sure you also have it at the best qualities such as netherite and diamond while also wearing a full set too. Check that all armor and weapons are fixed to full durability, as you will surely take plenty of hits. Just one broken armor in the middle of the fight can result in a quick game over. The same goes for your weapons, as it can quickly put you at a disadvantage that can make the fight unwinnable.

Along with your axe or sword, the most important weapon that will be used the most will be the bow and arrows. The bow will be used to shoot at the health filling crystals the dragon uses, as well as to attack the dragon while it is in the air. Feel free to bring beds if there is room in your inventory too, as they can be exploded onto the dragon when landing to cause massive damage.

Of course, make sure to have all of your gear enchanted, as they will add special buffs that will make all the difference. Such enchantments can be Unbreaking, Power, or even Fire Aspect. It is also always good to bring different potions like Strength or Healing to help too. Don’t forget to bring stacks of food ranging from potatoes, meats, or special foods like golden apples or carrots, as running and jumping will quickly bring down your hunger and therefore speed and health. Good luck! Check out U7BUY’s many deals on Minecoins gift cards.

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