27” Asus Rog Swift PG27UQ Gaming Monitor Review 2023

The 27″ Asus Rog Swift PG27UQ is a top-of-the-line gaming screen with extraordinary picture quality and performance. It is considered one of the best gaming screens available today. It is a 27-inch display that is explicitly intended for gamers and features 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR support.

The high refresh rates bring about smoother and more enjoyable gaming experiences. The ultra HD resolution also enables highly detailed and sharp images, which makes gaming and other content more enjoyable. The HDR support even improves the image quality by offering a wider range of colors and improved contrast.

This detailed review will explore its image quality, features, design, connectivity, price, and overall gaming experience.

Asus Rog Swift PG27UQ Detailed Review

Image Quality

Asus Rog Swift PG27UQ Image Quality

This Asus 4K Ultra HD monitor offers great detail and sharpness. Due to its high pixel density, it results in a clear and crisp image. This monitor is designed with an IPS panel and allows wide viewing angles of up to 178 degrees. The 4 ms response time isn’t the fastest, but this Asus monitor actually feels exceptionally responsive, with no input lag. 

The factor that makes the display even more remarkable is its precise color reproduction. It has a 10-bit color depth and is factory-calibrated. This ensures that the colors on display are as accurate as possible, making it an excellent choice for professionals who work with colors. The monitor also supports HDR, which enhances the contrast between light and dark areas on the screen.

The contrast ratio of 50,000:1 and peak luminance of 1,000 nits further contribute to the stunning visual experience. The monitor uses full-array local dimming technology to achieve such impressive image quality. This results in a more lifelike and immersive visual experience, making games, movies, and other multimedia content truly come to life.


The Asus gaming monitor offers a smooth and responsive gaming experience. With its 144 Hz refresh rate, games run smoothly, and there is no screen tearing. The monitor automatically switches to HDR mode when the game starts, providing a more immersive visual experience. Aside from gaming, this monitor also performs well for productivity tasks.

It has a low input lag of only 5 ms when running at 120 Hz, which means that there is very little delay between your actions and the corresponding response on the screen. A 4 millisecond response time on the monitor further lessens the appearance of trailing artifacts behind moving objects. However, it’s not as fast as modern IPS panels, but the minor ghosting is still acceptable and does not impact your gaming experience.

One of the key features of this monitor is G-SYNC Ultimate technology. This technology works by synchronizing the monitor’s refresh rate with the frame rate of your graphics processing unit (GPU). As a result, screen tearing and stuttering are eliminated.

Additionally, the monitor offers various settings that can be accessed through the onscreen menu. Navigating the menu is easy by using the joystick button and additional buttons. It includes helpful gaming-specific features like an FPS counter and onscreen crosshairs for improved accuracy.


This 4K HDR monitor is packed with exciting features that enhance your gaming experience! It offers useful features like GameVisual and GamePlus, which allow you to customize crosshair overlays and use on-screen timers. It also allows you to select different picture presets for specific game genres such as FPS, RTS, RPG, Racing, Cinema, sRGB, and Custom. 

The monitor is made to be flicker-free and has a low blue light filter to ensure your comfort during extended gaming sessions. This means you can play for hours without straining your eyes. Another cool feature is its ability to emit the ‘Republic Of Gamers’ logo and customizable lighting onto your desk or wall. You can create a personalized gaming setup with ASUS Aura Sync RGB, which lets you synchronize the monitor’s RGB lighting with other compatible peripherals and choose from various glowing patterns and colors. 

Additionally, the monitor includes a light sensor that automatically adjusts the screen brightness based on the surrounding lighting conditions. It’s important to note that the ASUS PG27UQ doesn’t have NVIDIA ULMB (Ultra Low Motion Blur) or any specific Motion Blur Reduction technology for backlight strobing. However, the monitor has a fast pixel response time, resulting in minimal ghosting or motion blur in fast-paced games.

Design and Ergonomics

This Asus monitor has a 27-inch screen, a good size for an immersive gaming experience. Its widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9 ensures a standard display that fits well on most desks without taking up too much space, like larger gaming monitors.

The monitor’s design may appear flashy to some people, even when the RGB LEDs and projectors are turned off. However, the monitor itself is built to be sturdy and durable. It features a number of ergonomic adjustments, including tilt, swivel, pivot, height adjustment, and VESA mount compatibility. These features allow you to find the most comfortable viewing position. 

The bezels surrounding the screen are marginally more substantial because of the FALD (Full Array Local Dimming) technology. In order to navigate within the on-screen menu, a joystick and three buttons are situated at the back of the monitor. Additionally, the screen has an anti-glare matte coating, which helps to eliminate reflections and provide a clear view. 

The monitor’s stand is visually appealing, with a design that resembles a sharp blade. It feels sturdy and provides stability for the monitor. One interesting feature is the LED light on the stand that points downward toward the desk. When you first start using the monitor, an onscreen menu will guide you through configuring the lighting, allowing you to personalize it according to your preferences.

Furthermore, the monitor is equipped with an integrated fan that operates quietly and helps keep the display cool, ensuring optimal performance.


This gaming monitor comes with different connectivity options to connect to various devices. It has HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4 ports, which allow you to connect the monitor to your gaming console, PC, or laptop. It also has a headphone jack, so you can plug in your headphones.  Additionally, the monitor has a dual-USB 3.0 hub that lets you conveniently connect your peripherals, such as a mouse or keyboard. 


Gaming on the Asus Rog Swift PG27UQ is truly enjoyable. Whether you’re playing games in 4K resolution with HDR or sticking to 1080p in standard definition, the display offers a high-quality image and responsive gameplay. However, it’s important to note a few things. 

Firstly, if you’re a competitive gamer, this monitor may not match the ultra-fast response time and high refresh rate of 1 ms, 144 Hz TN gaming monitors. Those types of displays still hold an advantage in fast-paced competitive gaming. 

Additionally, if you’re not running games at the monitor’s native 4K resolution, the image quality may not be as good. Stretching and scaling the image to fit a lower resolution can result in a slightly blurry image, especially in competitive games where clarity is crucial. But for most gaming situations, this monitor provides a fantastic gaming experience. 

Moreover, the monitor features the latest G-Sync support, which eliminates screen tearing and stuttering, resulting in one of the best-looking gaming experiences available.


The Asus Rog Swift PG27UQ is a high-end gaming monitor with a higher price than other monitors in its category. It was priced at $2,700, but now you can also find it at some discounts. Despite the cost, if you take gaming seriously or value excellent image quality and performance, it’s definitely worth considering.


The Asus PG27UQ is considered one of the best gaming monitors available today. It offers impressive features like 4K resolution and G-Sync HDR technology, which deliver incredible visuals and smooth gameplay. 

However, it’s important to note that this monitor comes with a hefty price tag of over $2,000. This high cost may deter some potential buyers. Furthermore, the Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ requires a powerful computer to run smoothly. If you don’t have an Nvidia 1080 Ti or a higher-end graphics card, achieving a consistent 4K resolution at a high frame rate may be challenging. 

Key Specifications

Screen Size27-inch
Resolution3840×2160 (4K-UHD)
Panel TypeIPS
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate144 Hz
Response Time4 ms (G-to-G)
PortsDisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0
Other Ports2x USB 3.0, Headphone Jack
RGB Lighting Aura Sync
Brightness (HDR)1000 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio (HDR)50,000:1
Contrast Ratio1,000:1 (static)
HDR CertificationVESA DisplayHDR 1000Ultra HD Premium
Dimensions25 x 3.7 x 15 inches


  • Fast refresh rate and response time for smooth gameplay 
  • 384-zone FALD for superior contrast and true blacks 
  • 1000-nit peak brightness for stunning HDR image quality
  • Flexible design and ergonomic adjustments 
  • Multiple connectivity options 
  • Useful gaming features like Aura Sync lighting and blue light filter
  • Low input lag and the quick response time speed


  • Higher price compared to other monitors in its category
  • Needs a powerful PC

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