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TCL is a big manufacturer of budget TVs. In the U.S., they compete with other high-priced TV manufacturers such as Toshiba, Insignia, Amazon, and Hisense. These TVs come in different sizes and features. But they all have one thing in common: they’re cheaper than flagship TVs like Sony and LG. 

Are TCL TVs Good

Now, “Are TCL TVs good?” is the question. Let’s see! TCL became a household name in the world of television. But are TCL TVs really worth considering? In this article, we will dive deeper into TCL TVs, exploring their products, services, and overall reputation in the market. 

By the end of this article, you will have a clearer understanding of whether TCL is a good TV brand and whether their TVs live up to the hype.

What Do TCL TVs Offer?

TCL makes TVs with different prices and features. They have all categories, from small and inexpensive to large and expensive. You can choose between Google TV and Roku TV, in 8K and 4K resolutions. TCL’s main TV lines are 3-series, 4-series and 5-series. If you also want high-end TVs like 8K or Mini-LED, you can check out the 6-Series, but it’s more expensive. 

The TCL Roku TV shares some common features, including a 60Hz refresh rate, excellent audio, HDMI connectivity, and the ability to work with streaming apps. If you prefer, you can get the Android/Google version instead. As you move up the TCL TV line, you get more features, such as better picture quality and sound quality. The 6-Series also has Mini-LED and 8K support, but at a higher cost. 

TCL TVs can start at less than $200 for the basic models and go up to over $1000 for the premium models. A 6-series with all the bells and whistles should be expensive. TCL budget TVs are not the best for gaming. They don’t have high refresh rates (like 120 Hz) or Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). If you are a serious gamer, check out TCL’s expensive TVs with these features.

TCL TVs are generally well priced, especially the cheaper and mid-range models. Sometimes, you can find a TV with similar features for the same price, but TCL usually gives you a better deal, especially when they’re on sale. So, if you want a good TV deal, keep an eye on TCL.

TCL 3-Series

TCL’s 3-Series TVs are basic ones that come in two sizes: 32 inches and forty inches. These TVs have LED displays, which make the images vivid. They also have a 60 Hz refresh rate, HDMI ARC for better sound, and Dolby Digital Plus audio to make the sound better. But they do not have HDR for even better images. 

The 32-inch TV costs less than $150, and the 40-inch TV costs much less than $200. Sometimes, they’re even less expensive while they’re on sale. But, if we talk about today, HD or Full HD TVs like these are not the nicest because 4K TVs are not a great deal more high-priced now. But if you want to save cash, these TCL TVs are nonetheless an amazing choice.

So, in case you only need a reasonably-priced TV for your kitchen or for TV shows in HD, you won’t want a TV with higher quality. And this TCL 3-Series is a superb choice.

TCL 4-Series

The TCL 4-Series is a popular mid-range TV. This TV comes in many sizes and uses LED technology, which makes the images appear good. It also supports 4K resolution, and HDR, which makes hues appearance even better. 

It also has some cool functions like HDR10 and HLG, which enhance image quality. It uses HDMI eARC, which is better than HDMI. Plus, it has Roku, and works with digital assistants like Siri or Google Assistant. It begins at simply $230 for the 43-inch version, $270 for the 50-inch, and $3,00 for the 55-inch. Even the most important 85-inch model is reasonably priced at $1278. 

However, these prices can vary over time. So, in case you want a current 4K smart TV that is truly no longer too expensive and still has excellent features, the TCL 4-Series is a superb choice. It’s tough to discover a better price unless there is a massive sale on some other TV. But, in case you do not need high-quality fancy pictures or gaming stuff, the TCL 4-Series is a smart pick.

TCL 5-Series

TCL’s 5-series TVs are better than their 4-series TVs. They come in four different sizes, all with QLED screens, and make the pictures significantly better than the older 3-Series and 4-Series TVs with regular LED screens 

These  new TVs also have cool features like HDR10+, which makes the color and detail in pictures even better. They also have Dolby Atmos, which really enhances the sound quality if you like good audio. For gamers, these TVs are even better. They include VRR and ALLM, which make games look smoother and better. However, this can be achieved with a 60 Hz refresh rate at 4K resolution.

 Now let’s talk about prices. The prices of these TCL TVs are pretty good when compared to other TVs with similar features. For example, compared to Toshiba’s F50 QLED TV, TCL’s 5-Series costs about the same. So, if you want a good TV with a QLED screen and don’t want to spend too much, the TCL 5-Series is a great choice, especially if you love gaming.

Are TCL 5-Series and above Excellent?

When it comes to TCL TVs, it is a bit of a mixed bag. The lower-end models, just like the 3-Series, can be a bit unreliable, despite the fact that they’re quite lower priced, typically priced below $150. However, if you’re willing to spend a chunk extra, the TCL 5-Series and higher tend to provide higher reliability and average overall performance, with the TCL 6-Series being a standout alternative. 

For gamers, TCL has been making a few excellent gaming TVs, especially those released after September 2022. They are recognized for their strong build quality and clear picture quality, making them a great choice for gaming lovers. In reality, if you’re a hardcore gamer, the TCL 6-Series is a strong recommendation. 

While different manufacturers like Sony, LG, and Samsung are known for their constant reliability, they do come at a higher price than TCL. So, if you’re on a budget, TCL is a stable choice for a reliable TV, especially if you’re willing to go for their mid-range or better models.

TCL TV Picture Quality

Let’s talk about the picture quality of TCL TVs in more detail:

  • Vibrant Colors: TCL TVs are known for their vibrant and rich colors. This means that when you watch movies or play games, the colors you see on the screen are very vivid and lifelike. It makes everything look more exciting and realistic.
  • 4K Resolution: Most TCL TVs come with 4K resolution. This means the TV screen has a lot of pixels, and you get a very sharp and clear picture.
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range): TCL TVs often support HDR. When you watch content with HDR, it means the TV can show very bright parts and very dark parts at the same time. This makes the picture look more balanced and closer to how our eyes see things in real life. It’s especially great for watching movies with a lot of action and different lighting.
  • Screen Size and Models: TCL offers different sizes and models of TVs, so you can choose the one that fits your room and budget. A bigger screen can make you feel like you’re at the movies, while a smaller one might be perfect for a bedroom.

Are TCL TVs Good for Gaming?

While TCL is known for its affordability, it offers TVs that can handle gaming, particularly for casual gamers. However, it’s noted that serious gamers may prefer using a computer monitor to minimize lag. TCL TVs generally have low input lag, making them suitable for gaming, especially at 1080p and 4k resolutions. Variable Refresh Rate support is limited to the TCL 6 Series.

Additionally, it introduces Game Mode that enhances the gaming experience by reducing the input lag when using a TCL TV as a computer monitor.  Regarding console compatibility, Xbox games typically work well with TCL TVs due to their 60 Hz refresh rate. However, PlayStation games, often requiring 120Hz, might face issues unless using the TCL 6 Series.

To sum this up, TCL TVs are seen as a budget-friendly choice for casual gamers but may not meet the demands of serious gamers seeking top-tier graphics. 

What are the 2 Best TCL TVs?


This TCL Android TV is super cool and loved by many people. It’s big, from 43 to 75 inches, so you get a big, awesome screen to watch stuff on. It has Clear Motion Rate (CMR), which prevents fast moving objects on the TV from appearing blurry. So, action scenes in movies or sports look really clear.

And it has Atmospheric Micro Dimming. This means it can make the picture look super detailed and bright. It’s like magic for your TV. People really like it, especially because it’s got 4K quality, which means the picture is super-duper clear. So, if you get this TV, you’re in for a great time watching your favorite shows and movies.

2. TCL C815 QLED Android TV

The TCL C815 QLED Android TV is another popular TV. It has some special features that make it stand out and people have given it great reviews.

One special feature is the quantum dot. This helps the TV show really bright and vivid colors. It’s like magic crystals that make the pictures on the TV look amazing. Another cool thing about this TV is the Onkyo Audio. People love this because it makes the sound on the TV really exciting. So, whether you’re watching action scenes or listening to music, it sounds awesome.

It also has 100 CMR, whicht stops the picture from getting blurry when things move really fast. So, you can see everything clearly, even in action scenes.

In simple words, the TCL C815 TV is awesome because it has bright colors, great sound, makes everything look and sound better, and keeps the picture clear when things move fast.

Are TCL TVs Reliable?

TCL TVs are good for casual watching, like TV shows and movies. They’re not the best for video games or if you want the very best picture. They’re in the middle when it comes to price, not too expensive but not super cheap.

The nice thing is they usually last a long time—about 5 to 7 years if you use them a lot every day. So, if you watch TV normally and don’t need super fancy stuff, TCL TVs are a good choice.

Six Ways to Care for Your TV

Here are some TV maintenance suggestions to take into account.

  1. Turn Off Your TV When Not in Use: Using your TV too much can make it wear out faster. So, remember to turn it off when you’re not watching. Some TVs have timers that can do this for you, and it also saves electricity.
  1. Keep Your TV Safe: TVs don’t like extreme weather, like really hot or really cold conditions. So, make sure your TV is in a safe place where it won’t get too hot, too cold, or wet. Also, try to protect it from direct sunlight.
  1. Give Your TV Some Breathing Space: Just like people, TVs can get hot when they work a lot. They need space to let the hot air out. So, leave some space around your TV so it can cool down. If you put it in a cabinet, make sure there’s room for air to move around.
  1. Dust Off Your TV: Dust can be bad for your TV. It can make the screen dirty and block the air vents. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the dust away. Don’t use any liquids, and make sure your TV is turned off before cleaning it.
  1. Don’t Make the Brightness Too High: Brightness is how strong the light behind the screen is. If you make it too bright, it can hurt your TV. Just set it at a level where you can see well without any glare or reflections.


TCL TVs are a good choice for many people. They work well, have cool features, and don’t cost too much. They might not be the very best for super accurate pictures, but they’re a great value overall. People trust TCL because they make good TVs. If you want a good TV that doesn’t cost too much, TCL is a good brand to think about. So, are TCL TVs good? Yes, especially if you want a good deal!

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